Warranty Questions

Q & A: About Warranty
What is covered in my one-year warranty?

Better Built Homes covers all defects in materials and workmanship as defined in the Construction Performance Guidelines in Section IX.

Are my appliances covered through Better Built Homes?

All of your appliances are covered through the manufacturer. If a problem should arise with one of your appliances, you should contact the manufacturer of the appliance.

How often should I water my landscaping?

Irrigation should be set to your county’s regulations. When you close on your home we set your irrigation timer for you.

My garbage disposal is not working; it is making a buzzing sound.

You should first check the red reset button by pressing it in. If that doesn’t work, you should try using the allen wrench key that came with your garbage disposal.

How often should I change my HVAC filter?

You should replace your air filters regularly to prevent the unit from malfunctioning. A good rule of thumb is to change it once a month.

How often should I check my smoke detectors?

Check your smoke detectors by pressing “test” once every month. Replace the backup batteries when the units start “chirping.”

How often should I caulk my windows in my home?

Time and weather will shrink caulking and dry out, so it no longer provides a good seal against moisture and air infiltration. As a routine maintenance, it is wise to check the caulking and make repairs as needed. You should always make a point of checking before the summer rainy season begins.

How often should I clean my range hood or microwave?

The range hood fan filters collect grease and should be cleaned regularly. Soaking the filters or lightly brushing them in hot soapy water is the best cleaning method. Be sure that the filters are DRY before reinstalling them.

Can I pour grease down my drain in the kitchen?

You should never pour grease down any drain in your home. Every month you should run hot water down your kitchen drain to help keep it clean. Also, avoid allowing pet or human hair from clogging your drains with drain screens or traps.