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Your Closing Date

As you approach the closing date for your new home, Better Built Homes stands ready to assist you through our Title Agency, a reputable and established firm with years of title insurance experience and always a preferred partner of our company.

Our Title Agency staff is well versed in all settlement needs which enables them to coordinate your closing from contract signing to deed delivery; in other words, the smoothest possible transaction.

Title insurance can play a major role in protecting your investment and making sure your home ownership is safe and secure. Although unlikely, title defects, such as an unsatisfied mortgage, lien, easement issue or an improperly probated estate, can arise after closing. While title insurance can’t prevent these problems from happening, it can protect you from a financial loss if they do occur.

In addition to providing title insurance and title searches, Better Built Homes & the title agent will take care of every detail, so your closing stays on track and your move-in day arrives before you know it.

With Our Title Agency Settlement Services, you have the following services with regard to residential transactions including:

  • Reduced title insurance rates
  • No charge for Mechanic’s Liens Insurance
  • Superb customer service
  • Experienced in new construction transactions
  • Patient, helpful and knowledgeable closing agents

Settlement Services Explained:

  • Title Insurance: A title insurance policy protects you against loss in the event of any claim against your ownership.
  • Mechanic’s Lien: A real estate lien, created legally, intended to secure payment for debts due to persons who perform labor, services or furnish materials incident to residential building construction and improvement.
  • Length of Coverage: For as long as you or your heirs retain an interest in the titled property.

For more information on your closing, please contact the appropriate title company listed below.

Old Republic Title

Our title insurance is issued through Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Since 1992, Old Republic National Title Insurance has been the highest rated title insurance group in the nation. No other title insurance group can make that claim.

Tula Michele Haff is an agent of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and is a licensed Florida attorney who has been practicing real estate law for over 28 years.

Tula Michele Haff, Esquire
Attorney and Counselor at Law

135 North 6th Street, Second Floor
Haines City, FL 33844-4247

T: 863-421-2626
F: 863-421-2828

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