Customer Care

"As a Better Built Homes' homeowner, your satisfaction is our top priority. "

At Better Built Homes, we understand your needs. This is why we include a Limited Warranty with the purchase of every new home. Rest assured, we will stand behind our homes one hundred percent.

This Limited Warranty provides you peace-of-mind after your closing, as it is administered by the Bonded Builder Home Warranty program. The warranty covers materials and workmanship, as outlined in the program for the first year after the date that you close.

Of course, it doesn’t cover typical homeowner maintenance items such as changing light bulbs or replacing air filters. There is continuing coverage through the second year that includes specific components of your major mechanical systems (also outlined in the program). Examples include plumbing and electrical systems. The Limited Warranty can be transferred to another buyer if you sell your home within a ten-year time frame.

Your kitchen appliances, air conditioning, heating and roof are covered by the manufacturers’ warranties that Better Built Homes passes along to you at closing (settlement). These manufacturer’s warranties supplement the protection offered by the Limited Warranty.

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To know more about our warranty program, click on the Centricity logo to learn about coverage and answer any questions you may have.